Sending invoices

Sending invoices

Sending a new invoice

Create a new invoice in your accounting software as you would usually and then send via email. If your client is e-invoicing enabled it will be sent as an e-invoice. The example below is taken from Xero.

Viewing current invoices

You can view the status of current invoices from the 'Overview' page in the Promis hamburger menu on the top right.

Viewing invoice history

In Promis, go to the hamburger menu on the top right-hand side, select 'SEND INVOICES' and then 'SALES INVOICES HISTORY'.

Your Invoices will have one of five status options assigned to them:
  1. NEW - The invoice has been newly created.
  2. DELIVERED - The invoice has been sent but not yet paid.
  3. PAID- You have been paid and the invoice in your accounting software will automatically be marked as paid, this may take a short while to take effect.
  4. DISPUTED - The client is disputing this particular invoice.
  5. NOT DELIVERED - The client is not on Promis. They will have received the invoice through email from your accounting software, but not as an e-invoice from Promis.

Next to the status there is a PDF link that you can click to view the details of that particular invoice.

If an invoice is NOT DELIVERED the invoice PDF will be deleted from the history in Promis.
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