Receiving bills

Receiving bills

Viewing open bills

You can view bills from a number of places within Promis depending on the stage they are through the approval process.

Promis home page

All bills requiring action for your selected company will display on your Dashboard. You can access your home page by clicking on the Promis logo at the top left of the page.

Bills displayed on the Promis home page

Bookkeeping Overview page

All open bills for all entities that you have access to can be seen on the 'Bookkeeping Overview' page. You can select 'Overview' this page from the Promis hamburger menu on the top right.

Promis Bookkeeping Overview page

Purchase Bills History page

This page displays all open bills as well as bills paid or scheduled to be paid. You get to this page by selecting 'Purchase Bills History' from the hamburger menu on the top right.

Promis Purchase Bills History page
If you want to view more details on any particular invoice simply click on it and an expander will open.

Here you will see previous bills from the same supplier, the history of the invoice and a PDF link that you can click to view the full line item details for that invoice.

Available actions to take on bills

You can view or act on the following options:

1. Allocate account - You cannot process an invoice if an expense account has not been allocated. Click to view and allocate expense accounts to those invoices.

2. Authorise bill - The invoice requires authorisation. Click to view and authorise those invoices.

This will not display if (i) you do not have user rights to authorise invoices or (ii) your organisation has not enabled the 'Authorise bill' function.

3. Approve payment The invoice requires approval. Click to view and approve those invoices. 

This will not display if (i) you do not have user rights to approve invoices or (ii) your organisation has not enabled the 'Approve bill' function.

4. Make payment The invoice requires payment. Click on the number to view those invoices. 

Your options for payment are 'Pay now' or 'Pay when due'. Pay now could be useful if you have cash available which you want to take advantage of in paying your bills. 'Pay when due' will automatically pay the bill on the date it is due, thus extending your cash flow as much as possible.

This column will not display if you do not have user rights to pay invoices.

5. Payment scheduled - Payments have been applied and are future dated to be paid. Click to view those invoices. 

6. Disputed This invoice has been disputed. Click on the number to view those invoices. 

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