How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

MYOB, QuickBooks, Reckon & Xero

MYOB, Reckon, QuickBooks and Xero software users can get started straight away with a 30-day free trial. If you decide to proceed the annual fee is $240 (plus GST) - so a very affordable $20 per month (plus GST).

Other accounting packages

For users of other accounting packages, requirements and onboarding vary so much, that we would like to understand your needs first. 

Accounting professionals

We also offer a special Partner edition of Promis for accounting professionals. Click below to get started or contact us for more information.

Accounting software providers / accounting platforms

Please talk to us to review your unique business case, and the potential commercial value you’ll receive by adopting e-invoicing.

QuickBooks integration

Using e-invoicing, your supplier bills are created as expenses in QuickBooks incl. all line items.

We attach the original supplier pdf, so you have ATO compliant document storage.

For every supplier, we check the official register to make sure they are GST registered, so that you always claim valid GST.

From the first bill, Promis learns the correct expense account to use, so you never have to think about it again.

Promis also automatically matches payments in QuickBooks so you just need to confirm to reconcile.

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      Absolutely. Should you decide to cancel your account with Promis you can remove access to your accounting software first if you want. Go to 'MANAGE ORGANISATION' using the hamburger menu on the top right-hand side. On the first 'MANAGE' tab at the ...
    • How to sign up for Promis

      Get started To get started, click the orange 'Get Started' button on the top of the screen. STEP 1 - Start e-invoicing Enter the email address which you want to use to log in to Promis and verify that you are not a robot by ticking reCAPTCHA. STEP 2 ...
    • Sending invoices

      Sending a new invoice Create a new invoice in your accounting software as you would usually and then send via email. If your client is e-invoicing enabled it will be sent as an e-invoice. The example below is taken from Xero. Viewing current invoices ...
    • How do I invite my clients to join Promis?

      The benefits of using Promis as a supplier grow exponentially the more clients are using the same platform. To invite more CLIENTS go to the hamburger menu on the top right and select the menu item 'SEND INVOICES' and click on 'INVITE CLIENTS'. You ...
    • How do I invite my suppliers to join Promis?

      The benefits of using Promis as a client grow exponentially the more suppliers are using the same platform. To invite more SUPPLIERS go to the hamburger menu on the top right and select the menu item 'RECEIVE BILLS' and click on 'INVITE SUPPLIERS'. ...